Intro to me and my job

Hello... Hello big, wide world! I am here to announce that my address is changing and I’m moving to the blogosphere.

My new job is sent from heaven, and promises to be one of the most unusual and interesting experiences of my life-so-far (I don’t like saying life, because I want to be able to stretch forward into bigger, madder things).

Working for the Taylor Bennett Foundation is exciting, dynamic and actually making some form of difference. It is only my 5th day, but I’m told ‘When you know, you know.’

So here I will lay my excitements, learning, pitfalls and realisations through the ten-week programme. I will be keeping up with* the trainees' exercises as well as working in the day, so please bear with me. Just to clarify, I am working as the programme’s intern, as it is made for BAME graduates, and I am your classic ‘English rose’; put me out in the sun and I wilt within minutes.

Hoping you enjoy this in one way or another.. S

*trying to keep up with


Here are the details of the foundation, if you're interested in getting involved or donating it would be a great thing to do :)