Visit to Markettiers4dc

The trainees and I spent a fast paced and interesting afternoon at Markettiers; hosted by Daniel Cinna, account director, and Fatima Yasmin, a recent graduate from the programme.

After a dynamic presentation on the agency and how they think we entered into a question and answer session that everyone found helpful, refreshing and honest. Chests all around the room were being plumped by Daniel’s kind and encouraging words. After that we went downstairs into the basement for a radio tester session with Rupert, one of the technicians. We were challenged with emulating the difference in tone and content between an interview on local radio and a more formal City radio interview with experts. Everyone came away smiling, with minds open to the new things they had learned that day.  

Having smiled, laughed, been on the radio* and picked up some valuable pearls of wisdom, we were on our way. Thank you Markettiers for an interesting and insightful afternoon!

*fine, just in a booth, but it felt so real!