Visit to Vodafone

Jaws dropped to the floor when we heard that the Group Comms Director for Vodafone (global) was on his way. Although when we met him, Matt Peacock was very down to earth, and gave us hours of his time. After an in depth discussion about how the group aims to perform globally, their ethics and interests in many surprising and different markets we began to ask questions. Him and Amanda Andrews, Head of Communications Strategy and Research, gave authentic and extensive answers, and some fantastic tips on how to find work.

It was inspiring listening to them talk about their CSR and plans for the future. I have been a Vodafone customer all my life, but had no idea of their reach and capabilities across the world. Now I feel a little happier that I'm missing out on O2's cinema deals, or silly freebies that get thrown at consumers in order to reel them in.