Visit to T / F / D

We met all the girls at TFD; Stephanie Forrest, the Owner and Managing Director, Sian Aherne, Senior Account Manager who managed our session, Victoria Medina, Account Manager and the younger team members who were just starting out.

First Stephanie spent some time with us explaining her career trajectory and her thoughts about the industry. She shared some important nuggets of information and advice that nobody as yet has said to us – the importance of being nice and keeping people on side.

Then we were broken into 2 groups and given a task centred on a live brief: they are working on the launch of a social platform called BuddyHub. This is, in short, a sort of tinder connecting senior citizens with young people who will come round and talk to them, entertain them, and be their friend.

We were asked to pitch this story/situation to tech media and to investor media, and emphasize the difference in delivery, language and style of the two pitches.

After a really interesting and varied discussion we delivered our pitches, and notices our shortfalls and successes in equal measure.

A really interesting and different visit to the Shoreditch PR house. 

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