Heather McGregor - Founder of TBF

Heather(AKA: Mrs Moneypenny)’s networking skills are legendary. That really should have a paragraph of it's own. If you don't know who she is and what she does, look her up!

It was really great for the trainees to meet her in a business context (I have met her before) and have a Masterclass at the Taylor Bennett main office. She shared nuggets of information like how to instantly engage with someone, how to properly research a business leader/potential client thoroughly before meeting them, and so on.

It was interesting to see how easily she commanded the room, without asking, and how she made connections with each of us individually. 

The session ended with a demonstration on each of our networks. Heather got all of us to write a list of the 20 people we communicate with each day, week, month and year, and then draw connection lines between the ones that knew each other. This exercise was to instil the importance of ‘weak connectors’, as they are the people you can help by introducing them to your connection, and will be the most helpful to you in terms of introductions.