Visit to the Cabinet Office and Number 10 Downing Street

We had the incredible opportunity to meet various members of the Cabinet and Number 10 communications teams. Throughout the day we were met by speakers, given introductory talks, then had the chance to ask open questions about the assorted roles and the operations of the office in general.

The afternoon started with a general introduction to government and country-wide comms with Jessica Pearce, Head of Campaigns. She was then kind enough to take us on a tour around Number 10 (and introduce us to Larry, the cat). Next on the agenda was Michelle Couples, Professional Development Team, who gave the trainees welcome encouragement to keep their careers diverse and ever evolving. Ben Westlake, from the Digital Team, showed how the importance of checking and being consistent with the message, especially from such high exposure social media accounts, such as the PM’s personal twitter etc. is paramount. Siobhan Bruce, Press Team, followed to emphasise the effect of negative, positive, reactive and proactive stories within the print media.

To end the afternoon Alex Aiken, Executive Director of Government Communication, talked to us about the numerous graduate and entry level positions within the Cabinet comms team, and the political sector as a whole. Hopefully there will be some applications to his team!