Sixth Friday Update (yes... already)

Ciao from Canary Wharf (as it’s so swanky up here). It’s the end of Week-6 of the programme and tiredness is starting to kick in from the mad dashes here there and everywhere.

So far we have visited/been spoken to by 13 various bodies (is that what you’d say?!) and each has been drastically different, but more importantly, all of them have been seriously interesting. Perhaps I’m biased; as this industry is how I think, what I do naturally, and is beautifully creative, so all in all it’s very me.

The sad and increasingly prominent thing about PR is that a pool of duplicate workers dominate the industry, and none of those are BAME, and as a result the workforce is not diverse and does not represent the population of ‘modern day’ Great Britain.

I do understand that this seems an unusual topic for me to harp on about in a blog, as I am white, British, and trying to become one of these practitioners, however it is becoming a more serious problem for agencies/employers as well. As the population (and as a result consumers and trades people – the readers and objects of PR) becomes more diverse, representation of these ethnicities in the PR industry is not keeping up.

If you are a PR person, at any level, reading this then PLEASE take a look at the Foundation’s website and do anything you can to help – you can mentor a budding PR, speak to future trainees at a workshop, host a visit at your office or just donate towards funding for another programme, and more trainees.

Ok, plug over, as you can tell I’m getting quite passionate about this.

But the training here really is intense, focused and all encompassing, so I feel that something has to be done to raise the profile of the foundation as a whole.

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