Third Friday Update

So… I haven’t done a proper me, chatty post in ages. It’s now my third Friday here at TBF and miraculously it is still brilliant. The trainees obviously make life pretty great, as they are all funny, charming and highly intelligent. Then there is my direct boss, Ada, who is so lovely; we laugh a lot.

I was on the phone to my younger brother yesterday evening, as I was leaving a guest speaker’s talk, and he asked: ‘What do you actually do every day?’
The answer to that made me smile. ‘It’s different every day, so I couldn’t really tell you…’

The truth is that each day I do various things, like create marketing materials for the foundation, or make a spread sheet of ALL the PR agencies in London (that took about 3 days to be honest), or write reviews and feedback for visitors who speak to us. I learn a vast amount in this job – even though it doesn’t feel like school. Learning sometimes feels like a chore, or something one must try hard to do. But learning through TBF is a breath of fresh air; it is interesting, challenging and full on. It makes you feel like you could go straight into a job and try, then do well.

Basically, TBF as I’ve found it so far, has been a subtle but dramatic confidence boost. That might be a contradiction, but it doesn’t feel like it; I haven’t noticed my self-belief changing, but now that I stop and think, it has certainly gone up.

So fingers still crossed for a wonderful, challenging job at the end of this internship, but perhaps not crossed quite so tightly… S