Visit to The Eleven & Born Social

Our morning at The Eleven flew by. We met Ali Gillum from the Eleven who talked us through the structure of both companies. Then we had short and informative talks from a number of the others at Born. Tom Gamon than talked us through his journey through various roles, focusing on his time as a Strategist. Then we spoke to 2 Community Managers, Folayemi Adebayo and Sarah Donald, who spoke to us about the social media landscape and what they do day to day to make the most impact as possible, while also being authentic.

Account Manager, Charlie Smith, spoke about his transition from AM to CM and back again, and how the jump had allowed him to see better how the agency functions from the inside. His role is more focused on client facing work, and he spends a large portion of his time in client's offices, getting into the frame of mind of their business; this really appeals to me as a working day. Then David Evans and Rachel Stott, both Creatives, walked us through their journey through the industry, and how their individual passions for copywriting and film have stood them in better stead for this role.

Finally the lovely Georgie Hazell gave us some winning tips from an HR perspective about applications and finding something that we love.

All in all a very informative, relaxed and lovely day - thank you so much team!