Press Release Guide

Always send a press release in the body text of an email so that it’s easy for the journalist to read and copy if necessary. Send photographs/images as links, so they are easy to lift and drop into an article. Use a normal typeface, NOT Comic Sans!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE / Embargo: 1st Jan 2020 (these are not legally enforceable)

Company/Agency Name

Strap Line
City (if you’re a multinational) and Ticker code (if you’re financial)

Paragraph 1: All you need to know about the release in total – who, what, when, where, when & how.

Paragraph 2: Directly relevant background information.

Quote: 3 or 4 sentences from someone good within the company, i.e. CFO/CEO etc. As a PR you will write the quote yourself, then get them to sign off on it. They may come back to you with modifications, but that’s fine.

Contact information, in case the person receiving it wants more info.

‘Notes to editors’: ANY background information or additional stuff they might need to know.

***MAKE SURE (before sending!) that there are no grammar/spelling errors.*** Edit the body text down so that the copy is as short and succinct as possible; you do not want to leave any room for interpretation or change. Ensure that if the middle block is removed, or the paragraphs are swapped around, that the release still makes sense, and still conveys the same message.