Visit to Dynamo PR

Dynamo was exactly as dynamic as the name suggests. The two who hosted us, Arun Lloyd, Senior Account Executive, and Izzy Hathaway, Media Relations Executive, were vibrant, fun and informative right the way through the talk. They kindly shared with us their journey into PR, and then described what their day-to-day activity is within the agency. We received tips like how to approach individual journalists, whether they are national, international, consumer, lifestyle etc.  and how to research that individual to make sure they are the perfect target for your story.

As a group we discussed the changing media landscape, and how it is increasingly important to spread coverage through traditional media and social. Arun and Izzy said that, especially within their specialisms of consumer and tech, bloggers and influencers are gradually taking the place of certain print and broadcast media in terms of reach and impact.