Visit to Nelson Bostock Unlimited (& Fever)

Tim Lines, Associate Director, organised a fantastic morning at Nelson Bostock Unlimited for the trainees and myself. We were met by several people from different areas of the agency, and their sister company, Fever. First Thom James, the new Head of Social at Fever, discussed the media landscape and some of Fever’s campaigns with the cohort. He instilled how important it is, in terms of Social Media in particular, to find the intersection of interests held by the consumers a brand is trying to reach and the values of that company. This is what sparks real, organic discussion and consumers buying into the story of a brand.

We then met Will Hart, the Managing Director of Nelson Bostock Unlimited. Will talked about the evolution of PR as a whole, as he has been in the industry the longest. His insights were focused on how video has become more crucial for brands, particularly tech, and the ultimate joining and merging of advertising, marketing and PR as one large snowball of exposure.

Charlotte Naish, HR Manager, Lucie Bickerdike, Senior Accout Director, and Sinead O’Connor, (YES, really Sinead O'Connor) Senior Account Director, gave a presentation on HR and positioning yourself for your first role in the perfect agency/in-house team for you. They gave us a lot to think about in terms of size of team, focus, values and level.