Ninth Friday Update (only one more week..!)

Hi all (or none?), I’m excited to say that it’s now the ninth Friday of the first 2017 TBF Programme, but this also means there is only one week left - #sob

Joining the programme as 'the Intern' was an odd experience at first, as I sit between the trainees and the Head of Programmes in the hierarchy. There was a strange pull between trying to build a real friendship with everyone, and sometimes being in a position of authority. Now that the programme has progressed things are much easier and feel more natural; the trainees have their own sweet little family, and when we go on visits I feel like a schoolteacher herding her pupils on and off the tube, ha-ha!

What are we all going on to do when the programme comes to a close? We hope to all be quickly installed in exciting, fast paced and ever evolving PR/Comms roles in a variety of disciplines. Having visited a plethora of agencies and in-house teams of all shapes and sizes we are in a much better position to decide what we want and where we want to be. I am searching for a social media role with some client facing capacity (because I love people) in a young, open and friendly agency. Others on the programme, as this rotation is sponsored by FTI, are searching for more corporate, financial positions. So if you’re in PR/Comms and ‘have the power’ to do these things, please call/email the foundation and ask for the CVs of the latest bunch. They refuse to disappoint!... S