Visit to GOLIN

Golin hosted a fantastic afternoon with myself and the trainees, giving us real insight into a very different way of operating. Shamima Begum, Executive Director, and Fraser Sinclair, HR Director, sadly now moving on but handing over to Jane Fordham, Executive Director of Marketing & Talent, all gave concise and intriguing presentations about the ‘G4’ way of working, and about many campaigns that GOLIN has worked on in the past year. This included a history of GOLIN, starting with their first client, McDonald’s, 60 years ago (still on their books!).

Michaela Gray, Public Relations Account Manager, Media Trainer & Presentation Trainer, then walked us through the media, and how they are working on ‘riding the new change’ in the media landscape. Michaela also media trains the team and clients’ CEO’s etc. so talked a little about the difficulties and nuances of that.

Nitesh Khetani, Media Relations Manager, and Nishal Ratanji, Manager, from the Tech team then gave half the group a tech start-up task, and Emily Souders, PR Associate, and Sara Hailan, Associate, from Consumer gave the other half of the cohort a product launch to go through.

It is always great for us to see a different working environment, so Golin, with all it’s quirks and formats was a great experience for all.