Visit to Cicero

Parisa Namazi, Head of Talent at Cicero Group, kindly organised a full insight into Cicero Group and their internal news agency, Novares. Jenny talked us through how the internal news system works, then was followed by short talks from John, Public Affairs team, and the newest member of their Digital team, Megan Harley, Digital Design Manager, who supplied the trainees with a β€˜Cicero Cardboard’ each; built and designed to increase exposure for the digital team and produce some small competition for the Google Cardboard, which came out just before.

We were then given a task of putting together a campaign, which we had to pitch to a panel of Cicero’s directors and Executives made up of: Jeremy Swan, Chief Executive, Mark Twigg, Executive Director, Mike Robb, Executive Director & John Rowland, Executive Director.