End of Programme (tenth Friday)

The Taylor Bennett Foundation, for me, has become a happy, energetic and hilarious family. The 6 trainees and I have spent 10 weeks together going on industry visits, doing tasks, preparing briefs, writing blogs (that none of us are really sure if people are reading!) and soaking up as much as we can about PR and comms.

Alongside the formal learning our soft skills like time management, teamwork, critical analysis, appropriate tone in writing, research, problem solving and maintaining a positive attitude have come on leaps and bounds throughout.

Much of our collective improvement has been due to the fantastic management and organisation of the rest of the team at TBF; Sarah Stimson, CEO of TBF - and of PR Careers fame, and Ada Nworgu, the Head of Programmes. But of course, at the end of the day, when you’re working and learning in such a small group as this (can you feel it getting cheesy!) a lot of your progression comes from the other members of the team. Each of the 6 trainees has taught me so much, and I feel like I’ve grown as a result (ok sooo cheesy, but it’s true).

It’s a real sadness that this rotation of the programme is coming to an end today, but it feels like the beginning of something, as well as the end – possibly a really cringe film about how 7 grads all get employed by the same large agency and live happily ever after… We’ll see!

If anyone has been reading this, other than my most loyal follower, Mum, then thank you!... S