Visit to Forster Communications

Forster Communications, from the outset, is an integrated and family style agency. We joined the staff for the end of their breakfast all together, and discussed headlines in that days’ news. From there we had an introductory talk from Peter Gilheany, PR Director, about the holistic approach of their business and it’s history.

Lowry Jonathan, Consultant, then joined the trainees and I, as she’s a similar age to us, to talk about journeys into PR and first jobs. After that a task was set where the we all had to think about the effects of ageing, as a large number of FC’s clients are older, or representing older people.

Finally, FC’s Carrie Greene, Senior Consultant, set the us a live brief centring around one of their retained clients, expanding from a previous campaign they’ve done. This was a new angle, and each of us really enjoyed growing a campaign from an already established starting point. These campaigns were then pitched to Carrie, Lowry and Gillian Daines, Innovation Director.